Reach your goals.

Bettina Huefner, Executive Coach and Consultant, founder of Proaching®

Proaching and myself

My personal principle is:
I do it differently, especially when I see a better and more reasonable way for effective progress.

The connection to Proaching?

As an executive coach and consultant with many years of management experience, I have found over and again that classic textbook approaches have their limitations. However, when I applied my coaching and consulting expertise in an unorthodox, targeted and cross functional way, I achieved faster and sustainable success. Even more, when I brought in my experience and perspective.

With these insights, I developed Proaching as a proprietary methodology and made it available to business and individual clients with consistently positive feedback.

The main reasons why my customers appreciate me and my work:

  • Professionalism
    In training, expertise and experience as well as in conception, execution and cooperation.
  • Personality
    Strength, respect and clarity, a very open attitude - uncompromising but blended with empathy, sensitivity, humour and serenity.
  • Pragmatism
    Goal as opposed to problem orientation with a distinct understanding of an individual’s potential and limitations.