Reach your goals.

Bettina Huefner, Executive Coach and Consultant, founder of Proaching®

What's especially effective about Proaching?

Proaching does not follow a rigid textbook approach.

I continuously re-evaluate and synergize coaching theory ("the solution is already in you") and consulting theory ("I give you options that bring success") and put them flexibly into practice.

With Proaching, the decisive factor is to find what works best for the individual in achieving their goals, and how to confer sustainable, practicable insights and skills.

I use recognized and tested tools and techniques such as Transformational and Systemic Coaching, NLP, Integral Organizational and Structural Constellations (IOSA), Transformational Leadership Model, communication techniques (eg Schulz von Thun, Rosenberg, Thomas Riemann, TZI), creativity techniques (eg Disney, Mind Maps, Brainstorming, Iceberg) and licensed personality assessment techniques (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, TalentQ).

A further success factor of Proaching is my own extensive management experience which ensures a rapid understanding of a whole array of issues, and an effective working on an eye-to-eye basis.

Proaching is available in English and German, in-house or off-site, in Germany and internationally.