Reach your goals.

Bettina Huefner, Executive Coach and Consultant, founder of Proaching®

How is Proaching applied effectively?

Proaching works for companies or individuals, board level or high-potentials, team activities or management groups:

Proaching initiates, follows through, and brings about change. Effectively and makes a difference.

From targeted individual coaching and consulting, strategic sparring and team development, in-house or off-site programmes, through to a fully customised corporate 360 degree approach.

The basis of each and every Proaching process is a clear, focused, transparent and individually tailored approach, designed and agreed with you before we start.

Suitable areas of application for Proaching:

  • Strategic and operational support of corporate and individual clients in short and medium term development and change processes
  • Individual development steps at board and executive level, including strategic consulting, as well as preparation and monitoring of management audits
  • Change management processes such as mergers, including complete strategic corporate realignment, establishing new businesses units or evaluation of subcontractors
  • Business start-ups
  • Business succession